Building a Habit

Nature oil with wildflowers on a old wooden background

Do you want to start journaling, meditation and other mindfulness techniques but don’t have the motivation to keep it going? well let me share something with you?

Motivation is what gets you going

A habit is what will keep it going

Very few people, if anyone has motivation all of the time – or people find it difficult to fit in a change to their daily routine, to make time for journaling affirmations and meditations and it can be hard if your stuck in your daily routine.

What I found to be very beneficial is Habit stacking, you may or may not have heard of it before. many people talk about habit stacking such as Mel Robbins, James Clear and others. Habit stacking is adding a new behavior that you would like to become a habit to your daily routine and connecting it or ‘stacking’ it with a habit that already exists.

How might you do this? Below I have made a visual of different habits that we do everyday with an example of what you can do with these habits to incorporate mindful practices, it is totally up to you what you what to add to it, for my clients we are creating a more mindful day and these are the habits that want to build in to our day.

The trick is to start slowly and start small, you don’t want to add in loads of things all at once or you will get overwhelmed, so what you need to keep in the fore front of your mind is

  1. Choose 1 behavior you want to make a part of your daily routine
  2. Your why – why do you want to make this part of your daily routine, why is it important to you
  3. Establish a clear plan – where are going to fit it in, and how?
  4. Minimise distractions that will prevent you from doing it – maybe your need to set a social media limit on your phone, or a daily alarm reminder on you phone?

Remember the motivation will get you started but its knowing your why and building the habit that will keep you going.

I challenge you to try out this technique, pair your ‘want to’ with one of your every day ‘must do’s’ and watch the magic happen – Let me know on Facebook or Instagram what habits your stacking.

Below is a tracker for you to check off as you watch those new behaviors become habits.