Boost your Immune System with Reflexology

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Did you know you could boost your immune system with reflexology? With everyone back having get together’s, play dates and being out and about, after being apart for so long its expected that many adults & children’s immune systems are feeling it – with so many colds/flu’s, sore throats and tummy bugs doing the rounds.

Your immune system is so important for protecting the body from outside invaders such as bacteria, viruses etc… The immune system is made up of different organs, cells and proteins that all work together.

Reflexology works for boosting your immune system in a couple of ways;

1) It helps with the production of endorphins that are needed by immune system cell receptors in order to function at their best.

2)Reflexology also works as it stimulates the lymphatic system – the lymphatic system is a subsystem of the circulatory system and it is a complex network of vessels, tissues and organs, these all work together to help to protect the body and fight against infections. It does so by carrying the immune cells throughout the body. When the lymphatic system isn’t working optimally it does not carry waste products away from the cells as it should and in turn the immune cells are not being delivered which then prevents the body from fighting infections. By gently stimulating the reflexes on the foot for the lymphatic system during a reflexology session it will help the body to keep the lymphatic system flowing and circulating to ensure the bodies natural defense stays working effectively

3) Stress also contributes greatly to the immune systems ability to function. When we are stressed it reduces the immune systems ability to fight of infections – Again coming back to that wonderful lymphatic system, when the body is in a state of stress it lowers the number of lymphocytes(white blood cells) in our system which are the bodies way of fighting infection. As i spoke about in another blog reflexology can help reduced stress and help bring the body back into balance.

It is beneficial for both adults children. Reflexology is a great treatment for children as it applies very gentle pressure to the feet it will in turn then stimulate the proper functioning of the bodies cells organs and glands which will benefits their immune system.

If you feel like you could benefit from a reflexology session to help boost your immune system reach out to me at

As the saying goes Prevention is better than the cure sometimes.