No more New Year’s resolutions – Tips to setting goals and how to achieve them.

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Before you jump on the band wagon of new year’s resolutions or the new year new you attitude, think back on all the new year’s resolutions you have made before – did you achieve them or were you left feeling unmotivated and frustrated.

This year instead of setting or making new year’s resolutions, why not begin by setting measurable goals. To set goals that are achievable I suggest using the acronym; SMART.  I cover this in more detail in my 7 day journaling workshop.  When setting goals if you make them:





Time Sensitive

…. you have more of a chance of achieving them.

“A Goal without a timeline is just a dream”

Robert Herjavec

We often write out our goals and too often they can be vague / unrealistic or we simply lose sight of them as they are written in a copy and pushed to one side and forgotten about. Does this sound familiar?

So you have it written down what next?

The secret to making your goals achievable in my opinion is to add in the emotions/feelings attached to this goal, how would feel if you achieved it? In order to do this we need to add in affirmations and do these daily. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you practice positive thinking and help you to believe that you can achieve anything.

 The third piece of the puzzle is an image, you need a clear image or vision of your goal –can you picture the end result? To help bring your vision to life I highly recommend doing a vision board – i  will be doing more on this very soon.

So for 2022, instead of resolutions set yourself realistic goals – I have created a goal planning journal on PDF that you can purchase and I can email if you wish. Your goals need to uplift you while also adding value to your physical, mental emotional and spiritual well-being leaving you feeling excited and empowered. An all or nothing approach will leave you feeling stressed, anxious or discouraged.

So to recap – forget the all or nothing approach – take a moment to sit and think about what it is you would like to achieve, write it out, break it down using SMART, then use your affirmations to support these goals while taking steps to achieve them and build the vision

“A dream written down becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed up by action becomes a reality”