Things you can control VS things you can’t

Nature oil with wildflowers on a old wooden background

❤️How are you feeling at the moment? ❤️

Check in with yourself.

So many people I am talking to are anxious, frustrated or feeling a very heavy energy around them at the moment…

Take a look at what is making you feel this way and journal on it…📝

Ask yourself what can I control, and what is out of your control.Putting your energy into things that are out of your control is not productive, drains your energy and leaves you feeling low and tired.

Try to focus on what you can control at this crazy time…❓Ask yourself… What can you do to make this better?What can you do to feel calmer?What do I want to be listening to?

Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t. Read a nice book, journal, use essential oils, meditate, get out for some fresh air, take a bath, listen to a positive podcast or audio book. Be kind to yourself 💕